Please call 1(888)896-7820 if you need help with any of the information provided on this page.



What are the settings for Sisqtel.Net? 

Primary DNS Server- 

Secondary DNS Server -

Tertiary DNS Server -

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - mail.sisqtel.net  use SSL

Incoming Mail (POP3) Server - pop.sisqtel.net   use SSL


Trouble logging into email. 

"I'm having trouble logging in to my email, why won't it accept my password?"

The most common problem is having the cap Locks button ON when typing in your password. Make sure the cap locks is OFF. Remember, your password is case sensitive. Make sure you are using the correct username for your account. This is your full email address, 'username'@sisqtel.net. If you have forgotten your password please call the main office during business hours 530.467.6000 or Toll Free 866.467.6001.


Webmail help

You should find most of the answers to you webmail questions here (Zimbra - User Help).



What are the email setting for sisqtel.net.

Incoming mailserver(POP3/IMAP) is:


SSL = yes(checked)

POP3 Port - 995

IMAP Port - 993

Outgoing mailserver(SMTP) is:


SSL = yes(checked)

Port - 465


Username is your full email address  "example@sisqtel.net".

Your outgoing email server requires authentication.

If you have any questions you can call our 24/7 Helpline 888.896.7820


DSL Modems 

What type of modems does Sisqtel use for their DSL internet service? You will find setup information on our current DSL modems here


DSL Multiple connections

Can I use more than one computer with DSL? Yes! There are two ways of doing this. 

1. You can use a basic DSL modem in bridged mode with a router. 

2. You can buy a combo DLS Modem/Router. Call our main office and find out which is right for you.


Where is my webpage?

How do I find my vanity page? You will find your vanity page at the following URL
http://users.sisqtel.net/"your username"
where "your username" is the first part of your email address.


How many webpages can I have?

You may have as many webpages as you like. You must stay within your alotted quota of disk space.


How much disk space do I have?



Can I create multiple websites?

Yes. Just create a new folder for each webpage. The main page should be named index.html. 

The URL would look something like this:

http://users.sisqtel.net/"your username"/"folder name"

It is best practice to keep spaces and special characters out of your file names and folder names.


Can I have a domain name forwarded to my vanity page?

Yes. Please contact your domain host for more information.


FTP Settings

Which settings do i use for my FTP client?

Host: ftp.sisqtel.net

username: The first part of your email address. If your email address is "example@sisqtel.net' your ftp username would be example.

Password: Use the same password that you would use to get your sisqtel.net email.