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  • Includes unlimited access
  • 5 email addresses
  • Web Mail
  • Virus Filtering
  • Spam filtering
  • Auto-responders
  • Mail forwarding
  • 10mb web storage
EconomyUp to 3 MbpsUp to 1.5 Mbps*$24.95/Month
BasicUp to 6 MbpsUp to 1.5 Mbps*$49.95/Month
EnhancedUp to 8 MbpsUp to 1.5 Mbps*$69.95/Month
Premium*Up to 10 MbpsUp to 1.5 Mbps*$74.95/Month

Requires telephone service. All speeds referenced are based on sync rate and are "best effort",
and may vary and are not guaranteed. Upload speeds in areas served by Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Ethernet service are the same as the package's download speed.
* Where facilities permit.

FTTH Router

+ CA Sales Tax    

ADSL Modem, 1 Ethernet Port

+ CA Sales Tax

ADSL Wireless Modem IEEE 802.11n/g/b 2.4GHz

+ CA Sales Tax

Installation / Reconnect$44.00 ($36.00 + $8.00 service order charge)

Number Change
$8.00 service order charge.

Downgrade Service (Not a broadband service change. When downgrading to “Web Services Only”)

$8.00 service order charge

Disconnect Service

No Charge
Broadband Service Change$22.00 ($14.00 + $8.00 service order charge.)

Broadband Service Change 
(within 30 days of last service order)

$8.00 service Order charge.
Move Service$44.00 ($36.00 + $8.00 service order charge.)
The service order charge is waived if order is in conjunction with other service order items.  
Only one $8.00 service order charge per order.
Premise Visit:  Only 1 premise visit charge per service order will apply.  
All Monthly charges are billed in advance, on the first day of the month.  
All speeds referenced are based on sync rate and are “best effort”, and may vary and are not guaranteed.  
Rates subject to change without notice.