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Florida woman latest to accuse Cosby of forced sex

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 10:30pm

A Florida woman who came forward Thursday became the fourth in recent weeks to say Bill Cosby gave her pills that made her feel groggy then forced himself on her sexually.

Thanksgiving getaway: 46.3 million to hit the road

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 10:00pm

The good news for Thanksgiving travelers: the price of gas is at five-year lows. The bad news: a lot more people will be on the road.

Biden calls on Russia to uphold east Ukraine truce

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 9:56pm

Vice President Joe Biden says Russia must uphold its end of a truce in east Ukraine in order to resolve the conflict which has claimed at least 4,300 lives since March.

App Finder: Best art apps

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 3:01pm

Feeling artsy? Want to keep your creative juices flowing while you're on the go? From tools of the trade to a primer on great works of art throughout history, get in touch with your inner Picasso with these unique smartphone apps designed with artists, designers and dabblers of all sorts in mind.Autodesk SketchBook: Autodesk's SketchBook Mobile offers users the same drawing and painting tools as its desktop version, allowing you to work on your masterpiece on the go. It's also compatible [...]

Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 9:11am

Spurning furious Republicans, President Barack Obama unveiled expansive executive actions on immigration Thursday night to spare nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation and refocus enforcement efforts on "felons, not families."

Death by firing squad? Utah lawmakers said yes

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 8:00am

Ten years after banning the use of firing squads in state executions, Utah lawmakers on Wednesday endorsed a proposal to allow the practice again to avoid problems with lethal-injection drugs.

5 things to watch in Obama's immigration speech

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 6:00am

After years of wrangling with Congress over how to fix the country's immigrationsystem, President Barack Obama is ready to announce his plan to take action alone.

Multiple fractures for Bono in NY bicycle accident leads to two surgeries

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 4:03am

An injury to U2 singer Bono after what was described by the group as a "cycling spill" left him with multiple fractures that required him to undergo two surgeries, a doctor said Wednesday.

Jeb Bush seeks common ground with Common Core education critics

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 3:49am

Responding to a national backlash over Common Core education standards, potential 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Thursday that the set of state benchmarks should be "the new minimum" for America's classrooms.

Allan Kramer, Etna Fire Department

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 3:01am

Why volunteer?Etna Fire Chief Allan Kramer has been working with Etna’s volunteer fire department for nearly two decades. Kramer said that when he and his wife moved back to Siskiyou County from North Carolina, it became apparent to him that he needed to do his part in the community, so he joined the fire department.Why Etna Fire Department?Kramer said [...]

Four new councilors join Etna City Council

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 2:57am

ETNA – Etna City Council announced four new council members sworn in Monday: Chuck Jopson, William Miller, Diana Callahan and Susan Marshall as treasurer.City Clerk Pamela Russell said each member brings years of experience in their specific fields, with Callahan having four years of previous experience on the council.Callahan said she is excited to support the community’ and its ideals. [...]

Man arrested for disturbing school - twice

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 2:53am

MOUNT SHASTA – Andrew Malen Johnson, 49, of Mount Shasta, was booked into the Siskiyou County Jail after two incidents at Mount Shasta Elementary School on Wednesday morning.At approximately 6 a.m., Johnson was placed under citizen’s arrest for breaking a window and entering the elementary school.Johnson was cited, released and told not to return to the school, according to Lieutenant [...]

Obama faces showdown with Congress on immigration

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 2:00am

President Barack Obama is poised to level broad authority to grant work permits to millions of immigrants living illegally in the United States and to protect them from deportation, but the plan would leave the fate of millions more still unresolved. Republicans vowed an all-out fight against it.

Beacon of Hope homeless mission looking for volunteers

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 1:53am

The Beacon of Hope Rescue Mission group is making a call for volunteers to help run its overnight shelters for the homeless.

Siskiyou backs hotel tourism improvement plan

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 1:50am

Siskiyou County is one step closer to a Tourism Business Improvement District after the board of supervisors agreed to be the lead agency Tuesday.

Americans don't like the NSA spying on them

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 1:00am

Dissenters within the National Security Agency, led by a senior agency executive, warned in 2009 that the program to secretly collect American phone records wasn't providing enough intelligence to justify the backlash it would cause if revealed, current and former intelligence officials say.

Got a shovel? Bills race clock to clear snow-filled stadium

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 12:46am

The Buffalo Bills are looking for anyone with a snow shovel and plenty of spare time.

Production assistant training for television and film workshop

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 12:46am

This Saturday, the Scott Valley Film Coalition is offering a professional training workshop that will create a local workforce to support movie and television productions in Siskiyou County.

VIDEO: After nights of calm, raucous protest in Ferguson

Wed, 11/19/2014 - 11:17pm

With the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case drawing near, several nights of relative calm were broken by a raucous protest at police headquarters in the St. Louis County town of Ferguson.

Gunman killed after shooting at Florida State University

Wed, 11/19/2014 - 10:58pm

A gunman opened fire early Thursday at a Florida State University library, sending hundreds of students who had been up all night studying for exams scrambling for cover in the book aisles and barricading themselves in with desks. Three students were wounded before police killed the gunman in a shootout, authorities said.


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